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Duration : 2 Months
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Overview of Online PyTorch Classes

PyTorch is a course from Sipexe which will let you know the process of developing deep learning models. An automatic differentiation package will be taught to you from the starting which is included in the basics of the course. Later, you will learn about different types of models in the ongoing course. Linear regression, softmax regression are also included in the concepts. Neural networks normalization and other advanced topics will help you in developing different types of models. The jobs that you can get after pursuing the course are a data scientist, machine learning engineer, and many more.

PyTorch is a machine learning library and the Pytorch course will let you know about all the concepts of this library. You will learn about neural networks Facebook artificial intelligence group has created the library Developers will be able to use GPUs. The creation of dynamic computation graphs becomes easy with this library. We have developed the course curriculum according to the industry standards and you will be able to handle your job position easily after pursuing the course.

PyTorch Architecture Key features

  • Learn basic and advanced concepts of PyTorch
  • Practical classes will be arranged along with theory classes
  • Projects will be given for more learning in-depth
  • Get the facility of mock tests and mock interviews
  • Job placement and resume development facility will be provided
  • Our support team will help you 24/7
Who should learn PyTorch Course

The course can be done by fresh graduates who want to make their career as a python programmer or machine learning engineer. The course has also been designed for the people who want to get increment in their salary and promotion in their organization.

  • Free Demo
  • 100% job Assistance
  • Flexible Timing
  • Realtime Project Work
  • Learn From Experts
  • Get Certified
  • Place your career
  • Reasonable fees
  • Access on mobile and Tv
  • High-quality content and Class videos
  • Learning Management System
  • Full lifetime access
Course Curriculum
  • Classification
    • Definition of Softmax Regression
    • Usage of Softmax in PyTorch Regression
    • Training Softmax in PyTorch Regression
  • Neural Networks
    • Networks overview and definition
    • Network Shape Depth vs Width
    • Know about Back Propagation
    • Know about Activation functions
  • Deep Networks
    • No the usage of Dropout
    • Concept of Initialization?
    • Batch normalization concepts
    • Different types of optimization methods
  • Computer Vision Networks
    • Understand Convolution
    • What is Max Polling?
    • Convolutional Networks overview and usage
    • Know about Pre-trained Networks
  • Dimensionality reduction and autoencoders
    • Principle component analysis
    • Concept of Linear autoencoders
    • Concept of Autoencoders
    • Concept of Transfer learning
    • Concept of Deep Autoencoders
  • Independent Project
PyTorch Training FAQ's

Yes, the concepts of deep learning are included in the course.

Yes. We will teach you the concept of coding and you will also have hands-on exercises.

The Python libraries used in the course are as follows.

  • NumPy
  • PyTorch
  • Matplotlib
These are some of the libraries. In addition to these, other libraries are taught above.

We will provide you with the necessary software and access to a server so that you can easily complete the hands-on classes.

There is a video recording of each course. We provide you with all these videos so that you can learn the concepts taught in the missing lessons.

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