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Overview of Apache Spark Course

Apache Spark training is a Sipexe course that will introduce you to all the concepts of this technology. Then it is effortless to develop applications using this technology. Can use this open-source JVM-based Apache Spark framework to process and analyze large volumes of data and share data across groups of computers. Because it supports both batch processing and data streaming, it is known as an "on-premises computing" platform. After completing this course, you will have a wide range of career opportunities and help you start an exciting career as a Spark Developer, Big Data Engineer, lead Data Engineer, and many more.

This Spark certification course will teach the fundamentals of the open-source Apache Spark framework and the Scala programming language: Spark Streaming, Spark SQL, Machine Learning, GraphX Programming, and Spark Shell Scripting. Our Apache Spark tutorials cover all the essential aspects, from basic to professional level. Our experienced instructors actively share their knowledge in real-time and are always available to answer your questions. This Apache Spark training will allow you to dive deep into Spark concepts and provide you with the skill set you need to solve any real-time problem in your organization.

Apache Spark Fundamental Key Features

  • Installation and Configuration of Apache Spark
  • Understanding Apache Spark architecture
  • Top Apache Spark interview questions
  • Guidance building in Apache Spark resume
  • Mock tests, Mock interviews
  • One on One Sessions and Flexible Timings
Who should learn Apache Spark Classes Online?

The course is suitable for professionals who want to pursue careers as analysts, computer designers, data scientists, testers, business analysts, and more. The system is also open to recent graduates. Knowledge of programming, query languages, databases, etc., is a prerequisite to attend this course.

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  • 100% job Assistance
  • Flexible Timing
  • Realtime Project Work
  • Learn From Experts
  • Get Certified
  • Place your career
  • Reasonable fees
  • Access on mobile and Tv
  • High-quality content and Class videos
  • Learning Management System
  • Full lifetime access
Course Curriculum
  • Introduction to Spark and Hadoop platform
    • What is Hadoop platform?
    • Why Hadoop platform?
    • What is Spark?
    • Why spark?
    • Discussion on evolution of Spark
  • Introduction to Scala
    • Understanding Functional Programing Vs Object Orient Programing
    • Using Scalable language
    • Scala Overview
  • SPARK Environment
    • Configuring Apache Spark
  • SCALA Enivronment
    • Brief on JAVA Setup
    • Understanding SCALA Editor
    • What is Interprepter?
    • What is compiler?
  • Deep Dive into Scala
  • Benefits of Scala
    • Language Offerings in Scala
    • Type inferencing in Scala
    • Using Variables in Scala
    • Using Functions in Scala
    • Understanding LOOPS
    • What are Control Structures?
    • What are Vals in Scala?
    • What are Arrays?
    • What are Lists in Scala?
    • Using Tuples in Scala
    • Using Sets
    • Understanding Maps in Scala
    • What are Traits and Mixins in Scala?
    • Understanding Classes and Objects in Scala
    • Uisng First class functions
    • Using Clousers in Scala
    • Using Inheritance in Scala
    • What are Sub classes? With examples?
    • What are Case Classes?
    • What are Modules in Scala?
    • Pattern Matching in Scala
    • Exception Handling in Scala
    • What is FILE Operation in Scala?
  • Deep Dive into Spark
    • Using Spark Shell
    • What is Parallel Programming and how to execute it?
    • What is context in Spark?
    • What is RDD (Resilient Distributed Datasets) in Spark?
    • What are Transformations in Spark?
    • Understanding Programming with RDD (Resilient Distributed Datasets)
    • What are Actions in Spark?
    • Using Broadcast Variables in Spark?
    • Using Accumulators in Spark?
  • Spark EcoSystem
    • Understanding Spark Streaming
    • Using MLlib concepts in Spark
    • Using GraphX concepts in Spark
    • Understanding Spark SQL concepts
Apache Spark Training FAQ's

Apache Spark is an open-source framework for distributed cluster computing and a unified analytics engine for processing large datasets, with built-in modules for dataflow, graphing, SQL, and machine learning.

The advantages of Apache Spark are.

  • It is compatible with Python, Scala, Java, and R.
  • Integration with Hadoop, as Spark is based on the Hadoop file system.
  • Allows faster processing of real-time data streams.
  • Ad hoc makes batch processing requests.

In the Apache Spark Course, you will learn about the different concepts of Apache Spark and how to use the technology for Python programming.

Yes, the Apache Spark training will teach you about different concepts such as Apache Spark Machine Learning. You can apply this knowledge in your job and secure a higher salary or promotion.

Yes, we do provide job assistance services.

We would provide you with a recording of the session or reschedule the class. We also offer you Apache Spark training material for self-study.

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