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Overview of Java Persistence API

JPA is a course in which you will learn about Java programming and its connection with the databases. The course will let you know about various techniques of database programming along with JDBC package. After learning about databases and JDBC, you will be taught about developing applications using both these concepts. The jobs that you can get after pursuing the course are Java developer, data engineer, software developer, and many more.

JPA is a popular course and the demand for JPA professionals is increasing. That is the reason people are going for JPA certification. The course will let you know about various concepts of Java and databases. You will be able to make data-driven applications by combining Java programming languages and databases. The course curriculum has been designed by our trainers and they belong to the current industry trends. We will provide different facilities to the candidates who join our course.

JPA Certification Key features

  • Demo classes facility will be available which will be conducted before the actual course
  • Mock test sessions will include the same types of questions that you will face in the real exam
  • Mock interview sessions will be arranged so that you can practice the techniques of giving the interviews
  • We will provide the facility of counseling where all your queries will be replied
  • A resume will be developed as per the industry standard
  • We will also help you with job placement
Who should take the JPA Training?

The course can be done by freshers and experienced professionals. Freshers can start their career with a good salary package while experienced professionals can add JPA to their skillset and get promotion and hike in salary.

  • Free Demo
  • 100% job Assistance
  • Flexible Timing
  • Realtime Project Work
  • Learn From Experts
  • Get Certified
  • Place your career
  • Reasonable fees
  • Access on mobile and Tv
  • High-quality content and Class videos
  • Learning Management System
  • Full lifetime access
Course Curriculum
  • Review of Database Concepts
    • JDBC usage to perform CRUD operations
    • Advanced JDBC development using meta-data capabilities
    • Performing ORM with JDBC and JavaBeans
  • What is JPA?
    • ORM problem review
    • Resolving the problem
    • Relationship solution between Hibernate and JPA
  • Core JPA Concepts
    • What is JPA?
    • Overview of key concepts and terms
    • Persistence units, Entities, and EntityManagers
    • EntityManagerFactories, JPA QL, and the JPA Criteria queries
  • Configuring JPA
    • Environment set up for JPA
    • Creating a persistence.xml file
    • Defining a persistence provider
    • Defining a persistence unit using JDBC connection strings and pooling
    • Defining a persistence unit using data sets
    • Using Hibernate as a persistence provider
    • Using EclipseLink as a persistence provider
    • Choosing the best configuration style
  • Creating a Basic JPA CRUD Application
    • Review of Java annotations
    • Review of Dependency Injection
    • Creating an Entity
    • Associating Entity with EntityManager
    • Performing CRUD with an EntityManager
    • Understanding Entity states
    • Performing basic Primary Key querying
  • Overview of Mapping Concepts
    • Types of relationships
    • Creating relationships using Primary Keys and Foreign Keys
    • Defining associations using cardinality
    • Identifying annotations used to build basic relationships
    • Using type converters
  • Implementing Mapping Concepts
    • 1-1 Mapping
    • 1-N Mapping
    • N-1 Mapping
    • N-N Mapping
  • Object Relational Mappings
    • Applying OO design to mappings
    • Collection mapping
    • Inheritance mappings
    • Overriding “defaults”
  • Advance Mapping Configurations
    • Understanding “conventions”
    • Building a solution using “configuration over convention”
    • Working with configuration annotations
  • Introduction to JPA QL
    • Review of querying concepts
    • Simple queries and conditions
    • What is JPA QL?
    • JPA QL syntax, structure, and functions
  • Types of Queries
    • Creating dynamic run-time queries
    • Creating compile-time named queries
    • Creating native-queries
    • Creating stored procedures
  • Integrating JPA with Java EE
    • Configuring JPA with the app server
    • Access a persistence unit using resource injection
    • JPA within the JSP / Servlet container
    • JPA Within the EJB Container
JPA Training FAQ's

Yes! You will get a hands-on environment that includes lab sessions, installation, setup and more.

Yes! There will be demo sessions before the start of the course.

You have to pay the fee to get the course material.

Yes! The course includes simulated projects to give you the feeling that you are working on a real project. This way you will learn how to handle different situations when working on a real project.

Yes! The opportunity of mock interviews will be provided. After the course, there will be sessions where you can practice and take part in real job interviews.

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