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Python Data Science Course

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Duration : 2 Months
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Overview of Python Data Science Tutorial

Learning Python is essential for many jobs in data science. Knowledge of Python is critical to your career as a data scientist. The Python Data Science course from Sipexe aims to provide students with how to apply data science methods and techniques using Python and learn the basics of programming you need in computer science. Data science is the process of organizing, processing and analyzing data to extract knowledge and insights from large amounts and types of data. It encompasses many disciplines, including mathematical and statistical modelling, data extraction from data sources, and data visualization techniques. The Python Data Science Certification course provides a comprehensive knowledge of Python's data analysis tools and techniques and propels your career growth as a Data Scientist.

This course will teach data processing and data cleaning techniques using the popular Python library Pandas Data Science and learn about abstracting tables and DataFrames, which are important data structures for data analysis. Through interactive exercises, you will learn about some of the most popular Python libraries, such as Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, and many more. You will then work with real data sets and learn the statistical and machine learning techniques. Our Python Data Science tutorial covers from beginners to professional level. By the end of the course, you will be proficient and industry-ready to deal with any real-time issues that may arise.

Python Data Science Certification Key Features

  • Introduction of Python
  • Core concepts of Data Science
  • Top Python Data Science interview questions
  • Preparing Python Data Science resume  
  • Mock tests, Mock interviews
  • 24*7 Support
  • Flexible Timings
  • One on One sessions
Who should take Online Python Data Science Training?

This course is beneficial for data scientists, data analysts, system engineers, software developers, and IT professionals who want to enhance their skill set or shift to the Python data Science domain. Freshers who wish to pursue a career in data analysis can also opt for this course. And all the individuals who want to become Data scientists.

  • Free Demo
  • 100% job Assistance
  • Flexible Timing
  • Realtime Project Work
  • Learn From Experts
  • Get Certified
  • Place your career
  • Reasonable fees
  • Access on mobile and Tv
  • High-quality content and Class videos
  • Learning Management System
  • Full lifetime access
Course Curriculum
  • Python Data Science Training Curriculum
    • Overview of Data Science
    • Data Science Introduction
    • Data Science Environment Setup
    • Working Pandas library
    • Workings of Numpy
    • Workings of SciPy
    • Workings of Matplotlib
  • Python Data Processing
    • Understanding Data Operations
    • What is Data cleansing and use of it?
    • Processing CSV Data
    • Processing JSON Data
    • Processing XLS Data
    • Understanding Relational databases
    • Understanding NoSQL Databases
    • Workings of Date and Time
    • Workings of Data Wrangling
    • Using Data Aggregation
    • Reading HTML Pages
    • Processing Unstructured Data
    • Understanding word tokenization
    • Workings of Stemming and Lemmatization
    • What is Data Visualization?
    • Understanding Chart Properties
    • Workings of Chart Styling
    • Using Box Plots
    • Workings Heat Maps
    • What are Scatter Plots?
    • Understanding Bubble Charts
    • Using 3D Charts
    • Understanding Python Time Series
    • Python Geographical Data
    • Python Graph Data
  • Statistical Data Analysis
    • Measuring Central Tendency
    • Measuring Variance
    • Understanding Normal Distribution
    • Understanding Binomial Distribution
    • Understanding Poisson Distribution
    • Bernoulli Distribution
    • P-Value
    • Correlation
    • Chi-square Test
    • Linear Regression
Python Data Science Training FAQ's

Data Science is organizing, processing and analyzing data to extract knowledge and insights from large amounts and types of data.

Python is suitable for all phases of data analysis. Python libraries developed for data science are very useful. Data Mining, Data Processing and Modeling, and Data Visualization.

Yes, we provide a certificate upon completion of the course. Our certification is industry-recognized and is proof of you mastering the concepts of Data Science. It is a value add to your resume.

Python is a popular programming language in the field of data science. This language is easy to learn and read.

Yes, you can attend the online demo class after registering with us.

Yes, we do provide job placement services.

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