Benefits of doing Hadoop course

  • Posted on : 26-Aug-2021 04:41 pm

Benefits of doing Hadoop course

It is no longer a question of whether companies need a big data strategy - it has become a reality! IT professionals are eagerly doing Hadoop training and certifications because there are huge opportunities of career growth in Hadoop. Hadoop is gaining popularity around the world and even in the US as companies in industries as diverse as financial services, utilities, media, retail, energy and pharmaceuticals adopt the concept of big data. Find out how important Hadoop training is and why you need to learn it.

Why choose Hadoop certification?

Companies are struggling to recruit Hadoop talent. Industries adopting Hadoop professionals want to be sure that the people they hire can process petabytes of data. Certification demonstrates this capability and provides that assurance, making you a trusted and accountable data provider. Here are some of the reasons people choose Hadoop training.

Big data analytics: a top priority for many organisations

Big data has changed the game in most industries in recent years. Many organizations across industries have adopted big data. By exploring big data sets using big data tools such as Hadoop and Spark, they can identify various hidden patterns and find unknown relationships, market trends, customer preferences and other useful business information.

Time management

It's likely that your employer wants you to learn Hadoop through a training program and complete office work on time. Therefore, you will undoubtedly want to take a Hadoop training course that fits your schedule. In such a situation, live Hadoop training has an advantage over other classroom training because you can attend the training on a schedule that works for you.

Big data is revolutionising many industries

No stone is left unturned in the big data industry today. It means that big data exists across all industries and is enabling organisations to harness its power to drive business value. The most common areas where big data and Hadoop are consistently being used are healthcare, retail, government, banking, media and entertainment, transport, natural resources, etc.

Learning in an interactive environment

Live Hadoop training is useful for people who are truly aware of how to approach this type of program in a live classroom setting. Professionals participating in live Hadoop training should always make a list of the concepts they already know and the concepts they will learn in live Hadoop training.

This benefits the individual in a number of ways: firstly, they will have a very clear idea of whether the Hadoop course was useful to them, and secondly, if they have any questions, they can explain them to the trainer who will be available live after the training. If you have additional questions, you can create a quiz using the tips above and simply refer back to them for a quick answer thanks to the 24/7 support offered by some online Hadoop training courses.

Growing demand for Hadoop experts

The demand for Hadoop technology can be directly attributed to the fact that it is one of the most well-known technologies for processing large amounts of data with relative cost effectiveness and scalability. With the rapid growth of big data sources and data volumes, Hadoop has instead become the basis for other big data technologies developed around it, such as Spark, Hive, etc. This is generating a very large number of Hadoop jobs at a very fast rate.

Connect with like-minded Hadoop professionals

Online Hadoop training is structured and designed to help professionals easily learn and understand Hadoop concepts. Hadoop live training provides a platform to connect with like-minded industry professionals who are interested in sharing professional ideas and providing technical support on all things related to Hadoop concepts.

While Hadoop live training is organized by experienced instructors who organize webinars, clarify doubts and lead groups, Hadoop live training participants help each other significantly in Hadoop development by mentoring or sharing useful Hadoop-related links or articles or by sharing their previous Hadoop-related work.

Lack of Big Data Hadoop Experts

The number of job opportunities in the Hadoop industry is growing rapidly. However, most of these jobs remain unfilled as there is still a large shortage of skilled workers in the market. The lack of skills related to Big Data and Hadoop technologies has created a huge gap between supply and demand. Therefore, now is the time to move forward and start building a clear career path in Big Data and Hadoop. In fact, the famous saying "it's now or never" is an apt description of the current opportunities in the Big Data and Hadoop market.

Learn Hadoop from anywhere

In the past, busy professionals have found it difficult to further develop their current skills due to lack of time, as their busy work schedules prevented them from attending Hadoop training courses. This is all thanks to onsite Hadoop training, which trains professionals from the comfort and privacy of their homes while allowing them the flexibility to choose the schedule that best suits their needs and requirements.

Make Big Money Learning Hadoop

One of the reasons to learn Hadoop is the high salary. The shortage of Hadoop experts is one of the main reasons for its high salary. According to a survey, the annual salary for Hadoop specialists ranges from $93Kto $127K, depending on the position.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the reasons why people take Hadoop courses. These benefits help people get a good salary and improve their skills through the course.

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