What is the importance of AWS Certification Training?

  • Posted on : 05-Apr-2022

What is the importance of AWS Certification Training?

What is an AWS certification?
AWS certification is one of the most sought-after certifications in the IT industry today and is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. In this AWS certification pathway blog, you'll learn about the benefits of the many AWS training paths, their timelines, job opportunities, and the best recommendations for preparing for the corresponding AWS exams.

AWS Certification Job Opportunities
According to Forbes magazine, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate certification program is the number one certification program; according to a 2019 global survey, the solutions architect certification is the highest paying certification, with an average salary of $139,529. You can also earn more than $100,000 for all AWS certifications combined. Specific skills employers look for in a solution architect include designing in AWS, choosing the right AWS services for your business, moving data to and from AWS, estimating AWS costs, and determining the cost control measures needed for your organization.
The Path to AWS Certification
There are several learning paths to AWS certification for different roles. You can build your cloud knowledge and follow the right path to AWS certification. Here are some of the role-based learning paths available
Cloud Practitioner Learning Path.
This learning path is for anyone who wants to gain and validate general knowledge of the AWS cloud. It is useful for technical, management, sales, procurement, and finance professionals who use the AWS cloud.

Architect Education Policy
This educational course is for solution architects, engineers who design solutions, and others who want to learn how to design applications and systems on the AWS platform. This course will help you develop your technical skills for AWS certification.
Developer Learning Path
AWS is a great certification for software developers who want to develop different types of cloud applications. It will also help you improve your technical skills.
Operational Learning Path
This learning path is for SysOps administrators, system administrators, and DevOps personnel who want to learn how to build automated and repeatable applications, networks, and systems on the AWS platform.
Why get an Amazon Web Services certification?
With over 175 services, AWS is the platform of choice for businesses worldwide. AWS certification validates your knowledge and experience with the tools and technologies of this platform. AWS certification is very beneficial for the candidates as there is a high demand for professionals having the knowledge of server infrastructure, cloud computing, and data science or advancing your career with an employer.
Types of AWS Certifications
There are many types of AWS certifications, some of which can lead to career opportunities in cloud computing. Here's an overview of the different types of certifications offered by AWS.
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
This basic AWS exam will give you a basic understanding of the AWS cloud; you'll be asked questions about basic AWS features and functions, including business use cases. The exam also covers the basics of AWS security and compliance and requires you to demonstrate knowledge of AWS billing, support, and pricing. You can also expect to be asked questions about implementing AWS features and services in the cloud.
The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is ideal for non-technical positions that require general knowledge of the AWS platform. For example, IT salespeople will learn to speak with confidence and authority when discussing an AWS customer's investment. And people in finance, administrative, or sales roles will be able to better communicate with their IT colleagues.
Certified AWS Solution Architect - Associate
The AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate exam can be taken up by those candidates who have the knowledge of designing distributed applications. Candidates should have the ability to let the examiners know that they can design, manage, and deploy cloud applications with the help of tools that are available on cloud platforms. This exam has been updated in the year 2018 and now it includes best practices and AWS services.
AWS Certified Developer - Associate
The AWS Certified Developer certification is designed for individuals who develop software using AWS. Holders of this qualification must understand the use of AWS services and best practices related to the underlying AWS architecture. You must also have experience in developing, deploying, and configuring cloud applications using AWS. Amazon will provide a free digital course so that you can prepare for this exam easily.
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional
The DevOps Engineer certification is designed to test your ability to manage distributed applications in the AWS cloud, from configuration to complex performance management. You'll answer questions about continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) methodologies and automation best practices, including best practices for automated security and compliance audits. You will also need to demonstrate knowledge of AWS platform monitoring and logging practices.
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate
The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate exam is the only certification designed specifically for systems administrators. Success on this exam requires technical knowledge and conceptual understanding of the functional aspects of the AWS platform. Previous experience as a Linux or Windows system administrator is a plus.
Certified AWS Solution Architect - Professional
In addition to the ability to design and deploy applications on AWS, an AWS Certified Solutions Architect must be able to migrate complex applications to AWS, design and deploy enterprise-wide AWS operations, be able to scale as demand increases, and identify strategies to reduce the cost of cloud computing." Amazon offers a free digital course to help you prepare for this exam.
AWS Certified Database Professional
Demonstrate your ability to use the full suite of AWS database services to accelerate and manage your organization's business, including understanding how to create, set up, and maintain AWS database services.
AWS recommends that you have at least five years of technical database experience, at least two years of hands-on AWS experience, and sometimes working with relational and non-relational databases before earning this certification.
AWS Certified Data Analyst - Professional
The Certified Data Analyst certification is designed for those who create, maintain, and support effective and secure analytics tools on AWS and are able to interpret the data they produce." Amazon will provide a free digital course so that you can prepare for this exam easily.
"AWS Advanced Networking Certification - Professional
This certification is beneficial for those candidates who want to work on complex networking projects. If you want to take this exam you should have the ability to manage the network architecture of any service available on the AWS platform. You should also have the knowledge of automating networking tasks.
AWS recommends obtaining the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner or a related certification prior to taking this exam. For this exam, a candidate should have knowledge of network management. He should also have knowledge of networking concepts along with best practices. These concepts should be related to the AWS platform.
AWS Certified Security - Specializations
This certification has been designed for those professionals who have the knowledge of giving security to the application. He should also have the knowledge of securing architectures and services. These services, architectures, and applications should be available on the AWS platform. Amazon will provide a free digital course so that you can prepare for this exam easily.
AWS Certified Machine Learning - Professional
This certification focuses on designing and implementing machine learning solutions to solve real-world business problems. You will be expected to select the best machine learning solution for a given problem and answer questions about why your chosen approach is better than others. You will also need to know which AWS services are appropriate for deploying machine learning solutions. You also need to know how to optimize AWS services to deliver a scalable, reliable, and secure solution.
AWS recommends that candidates work in development or data science prior to taking the exam and have one to two years of experience with machine learning or deep learning in the AWS cloud.
AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder.
The AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder is a certification for individuals who create skills and commands for Amazon Alexa. Amazon will provide a free digital course so that you can prepare for this exam easily. Amazon will be closing this exam on March 23. The last day to take the exam is March 22. The certification is generally valid for three years from the date of issue.
Benefits of AWS Certification
Now that you have a clear understanding of what AWS is and the various features it offers users, let's look at the benefits of AWS certification and why the demand for AWS certification exams is increasing. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is already the market leader among cloud service providers. Why? It offers businesses a cost-effective service; AWS services are scalable and ideal for businesses of all sizes.
The cloud is the future of enterprise technology.
Cloud computing is the technology every business needs now. That's because it's cheaper, faster, more sophisticated, date, and better than traditional technologies. There is no need for heavy integration or heavy maintenance. The cloud can deliver all the functionality on a single platform.
Amazon has a 33% share of the cloud computing market, three times that of its biggest competitor, Microsoft. Moreover, AWS is currently growing at a rate of 43% per year, suggesting that it will continue to dominate the cloud computing market in the future. Given these numbers, it's undeniable that AWS-certified experts are in high demand.
Preparing for the future
First, the benefits of AWS certification are mentioned in the context of the growing popularity of cloud technology. According to a recent study, about 83% of enterprise workloads will move to the cloud by 2020. As you know, AWS is the market leader among cloud service providers.
AWS certification is beneficial as it will help you in making preparations for future trends in the market. AWS shares 31% market in comparison to its competitors. Most companies will soon be AWS-certified professionals. So, if you take an AWS certification course, you can demonstrate your skills to potential employers and make yourself more attractive as a candidate.
AWS certification makes sense and is achievable:
Different providers offer many different cloud certifications, but Amazon is the only company whose certifications are cheaper. Although AWS certification is not easy to obtain, it requires basic knowledge. The problem with other certifications recognized by different experts is that many candidates give up their current job to get certified and pay dearly to attend AWS Training online. However, this is not a problem with Amazon AWS certifications, as you can obtain the AWS Developer and AWS Solution Architect certifications while still working in your current job, allowing you to progress to your desired position in your current company.
You are likely to earn more
According to a recent study by Global Knowledge, candidates should attend AWS Classes Online to become AWS certified. It has increased the salary of the average certified professional by 25.9%. Surveys have shown that an AWS certified gets an average annual salary of $113,932. People who do not have AWS certification get an average of $90,512 per year.
New ways to develop expertise
Next on the list of key benefits of AWS certification is skills development. As mentioned earlier, AWS certifications require extensive training, practice, and a commitment to learning AWS technologies. In addition, candidates need to keep up to date with the latest trends in AWS to be able to recertify. To become certified, it is necessary to demonstrate knowledge and experience and to work hard to maintain certification.
Candidates can also obtain other AWS certifications to enhance their knowledge. Not every AWS professional is necessarily tied to a specific role. For example, once you have achieved the AWS Developer Associate certification, you may choose to pursue the AWS DevOps certification.
AWS is becoming the god of the cloud:
According to a Gartner report, AWS is growing more than ten times faster than its 14 competitors combined, and its competitors are not small players, but big names in the cloud computing industry such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Soft Layer, Rackspace, and Joyent (read the AWS vs Google Cloud article), who are competing fiercely with each other. Yes, AWS is growing and all large organizations are working with it. Take this opportunity to become an AWS Certified Developer as soon as possible, because we all know how competitive the software industry is.
Get recognition for your efforts
Another important point among the benefits of AWS certification is the recognition of certified professionals. AWS-certified professionals receive digital badges. These digital badges represent your certification achievements and can be used in social media and email signatures. Digital badges give you instant access to exclusive certification events sponsored by AWS. Digital badges also give you exclusive access to select AWS Summit events and AWS certification rooms at the AWS re Invent conference.
In addition, you will receive an AWS certificate and invitations to regional receptions. Now you can find the answer to the question: 'Is AWS certification worth it? For example, a Machine Learning Expert can get AWS Machine Learning Certification and a Data Scientist can get AWS Data Analytics Certification to validate their skills and take their career to the next level.
Reaching new heights
If you want to improve your cloud computing skills and knowledge, AWS Certification is the perfect way to do it - AWS Certification improves your CV and profile, but to do so requires both theoretical and practical knowledge of AWS. Once you have completed your first certification and are on the right track, you can move on to the next certification or advanced certification in your field.
Show your commitment
Another advantage of getting an AWS certification to prove your commitment is that AWS certification candidates often put a lot of time and effort into passing the exam. More importantly, by choosing AWS certification, candidates can demonstrate their commitment to the AWS platform. In this way, AWS certifications show a professional's commitment to the AWS platform.
The road to AWS certification is very tough. Therefore, those who have successfully obtained AWS certification work hard to obtain it. Certification, therefore, means that the certified professionals are steadfast. In this way, AWS certification can demonstrate your commitment and perseverance.
An easy way to get involved in the pioneering AWS community
AWS certifications are a great way to participate in the AWS LinkedIn community. Here, AWS certificates can see and connect with other AWS certificates from around the world to prepare for other AWS certification projects and exams, receive invitations to many AWS global events and conferences, free study materials, hands-on examples, live technical coding demos, announcements, and more.

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